All our courses are based on real needs and background of the applicants, so we often provide tailored training and solutions.


We provide free training both to parks that already have estabilished APUs and parks still in the personnel selection phase, everywhere in the world.
We also believe synergy to achieve amazing results, that means mixing up local teams with foreigners whose different skill sets that are absorbed by the team with no efforts.
Our services are not limited to medical, tactical, survival training for APUs, but also training for managers, like Fire management and tecniques, monitoring and conservation strategies. For any specific request we'll provide a team with proper experience to satisfy your needs.
We don't believe in standard training for every place and situation, it may be easier and definetely requires less experienced trainers, but results are often less than optimal. 
Instead we prefere to proceed with a short assessment and providing a training tailored on real needs of the single park.