The more the fight for conservation evolve, the more we found ourselfs in need of highly motivated and skilled volunteers.

This is a War won by individuals with both tactical experience and scientific insight. This is why our personnel is trained in security and Animal Behaviour, Animal Physiology and Biodiversity Conservation.  

Our mission is to set an international quality standard for rangers operating in dangerous areas, in order to provide volunteers able to support parks in all their programs.


Both if you have military experience or not, CROW will welcome you.

We believe anyone should be given the chance to be in the field if they proof themself safe, reliable and good hearted.

Since the life of the ranger requires stamina, we also require our students to be healthy and in good shape.

The training isn't easy, it might be tough mentally and phisically. We require our students to be committed and professional
since we can't afford any accident in the field. 

When the operators are on the field, we guarantee for their professionalism !
Conservation Ranger Course
The first level is the Conservation Ranger Course. It provides the students with the basic tools to provide support to our safest parks we work with. 

After completing the course, students will be able to deal with the most common issues Conservation Rangers deal with in remote areas.
Conservation Specialist Course
The Conservation Specialist Course is an advanced course, supplementing the basics learned in the Conservation Ranger Course. This provides students with a better understanding of the skills introduced in the previous class.

Conservation and Biology are included in this course to allow the students the ability to develop innovative solutions to protect biodiversity in challenging environments.
Instructor Course
The third and final course is the Instructor Course. The Instructor Course is focused on the practical and theoretical aspects of teaching and learning what has been covered in the first two courses.

The student will learn how to explain concepts clearly in a universal language (English) and a foreign language (determined by those who request CROWs educational services).

This will be done so under the supervision of experienced instructors both in the classroom and in the field.